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Robust Wrist Support #RB-1841

Robust Wrist Support #RB-1841

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# RB-1841

Far-infrared (According to the survey)
Far-infrared, is a wavelength of light. Measured by scholars and experts can be divided into 0.76-4mm the near infrared. After a number of clinical trials in Japan, MD, and human biochemistry far infrared wavelengths 8-12mm close. Easy to resonate with the human body and skin marrow 2-4 cm deep, with warm, massage, promote blood circulation, activate cells and other functions, is essential to the flora and fauna of light.

Wrist problem are often related to an overuse of the wrist or a repetitive nature of wrist movements. This common amongst people working long hours on computer keyboards, doing demanding needlework or playing musical instruments.

Product Feature: 

- Helps to relieve general wrist pain, tenderness and soreness.
- Effective and safe
- Convenient and easy to use
- One size fits all
- Ease off soreness and reduce swelling

Made in Taiwan