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Robust Knee Support #RB-1843

Robust Knee Support #RB-1843

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Far-infrared (According to the survey)
Far-infrared, is a wavelength of light. Measured by scholars and experts can be divided into 0.76-4mm the near infrared. After a number of clinical trials in Japan, MD, and human biochemistry far infrared wavelengths 8-12mm close. Easy to resonate with the human body and skin marrow 2-4 cm deep, with warm, massage, promote blood circulation, activate cells and other functions, is essential to the flora and fauna of light.

Product Feature:
- Perfect for people with activity related knee pain and knee injuries as well as for people with chronic pain of arthritis
- Support to warm up strained muscles and tendons in the knee area and relieve pain, soreness, tightness and discomfort.
- Improved blood flow
- Enhanced injury healing
- Reduction in pain, aches, soreness and inflammation

Made in Taiwan

Available Size:
- S: 28.0 ~ 34.8 cm
- M: 30.5 ~ 38.1 cm
- L: 33.0 ~ 41.4 cm
- XL: 38.1 ~ 47.5 cm