Yonex Racquet Bag SUNR 9626MS BT6-SR

Yonex Racquet Bag SUNR 9626MS BT6-SR

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#SUNR 9626MS BT6-SR (6 pcs)

Measurements: 79 x 28 x 35 cm

Bag Functions & Features:

1. Backpack Carry
- Adjustable, padded backpack straps allow bag to be carried comfortable

2. Shoes Pocket
- Shoes can also be packed in shoe pocket within the bag

3. Thermal Racquets Compartment
- Thermo foam lined compartment designed to hold a number of racquets also guards these against extreme heat on cold

4. Tunring Buckle
- When carrying the bag, the buckle rotates to fit the shoulder in order to help keep the bag's balance

5. Accessories Compartment
- Easily accessible storage for extra grips, strings, sweatbands and other accessories

6. Main Compartment 
- Foam-lined compartment for storage designed of delicate articles